Shut up. Stop talking. No, really. This is very important. Are you listening? Prepare yourself: Wrecking Ball from Overwatch is getting a mustache. I know, there is no greater news today and nothing else matters. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has a huge map? Boring. Ghost of Tsushima is 50 GB? Pfft. There may–or may not be–a Daredevil video game? Look, none of this matters nearly as much as the news that resident hamster in a mech Wrecking Ball is getting a new look during the Overwatch Anniversary 2020 event—and it’s a submarine captain skin. LOOK AT THE TINY MUSTACHE AND HAT. He thinks he’s people!

Pardon me while you check out the official reveal from Blizzard and I squeal in the corner to contain my sheer joy.

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We’ve already seen a number of legendary skin reveals ahead of this year’s Anniversary event which begins tomorrow, May 19. As it usually goes with these things, a number of the skins were leaked both in name and in pictures a bit too early, leading Blizzard to just go ahead and pull the trigger on showing off the goods. And while all the skins shown so far are particularly amazing–I’m looking at you, Mayan Zenyatta skin–I can’t help but immediately screech in delight at my son, Hammond, getting yet another top-quality skin. My greatest wish is that he also gets unique voice lines when performing his Minefield or Piledriver that I will then proceed to drive my enemies insane with via numerous Play of the Game replays.

Alas, I and many other Overwatch faithful now face the choice of which skin will get our hard-earned currency, as this and the other legendaries each cost a cool 3,000 gold each. I’m currently sitting on about 8,000 gold and will have to decide which skin is getting the thumbs-up… That is after I buy this Wrecking Ball skin. No regrets.

Overwatch Anniversary 2020 begins tomorrow, May 19.

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