Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone is heading into Season Four next week, a new season that will advance the story just a bit further, bringing Captain Price into Verdansk as a playable Operator, but ahead of that big update on June 3rd, Infinity Ward issued a new Warzone playlist update for the last days of Season Three. Notably, this update adds the much-loved battle royale Duos back into the rotation.

Infinity Ward announced the playlist update adding Warzone Duos via Twitter. This means that you and a friend can now fight to be the last ones standing as the gas closes in on Verdansk.

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Duos joins Solos, Trios, and Quads, in addition to Plunder Quads, so no matter how big your group is, you have something to hop into without needing to leave someone out (or worse yet, fill with the unknown random who may bring the team down). Last Tuesday, Trios Classic (no respawns, cash, buy stations, etc) was removed and Blood Money Quads was replaced by standard Plunder Quads.

In addition, for the final weekend of Season Three, Infinity Ward is running a double XP weekend until June 1st at 10 am PT/1 pm ET. That means you’ll earn double XP on weapons, rank, and your battle pass. If you haven’t hit rank 100 yet, this is the time to grind out those final tiers and earn your Alex Operator skins.

Season Four will then begin on June 3rd. It will bring a whole new battle pass as well as a number of other unannounced changes. It will likely see some additional playlist updates, so if you want to play Warzone Duos, make sure to get that in now before it potentially goes away on Wednesday. Players anticipate ongoing updates to the mysteries that pervade Verdansk, mysteries many think will ultimately tease and reveal Call of Duty 2020.

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