Some people are a little hesitant when it comes to copying Xbox games, because they are afraid that they may be doing something illegal. However, copying video games is only illegal if you are planning on distributing the copies to others, but if you are just copying Xbox games that you personally own in order to preserve them, it is a completely legitimate and legal act. The producers of video games allow their customers to create as many backup copies of their games as they want, as long as they are only backing them up for personal use and not planning on distributing them. However, it can be somewhat difficult to break the sophisticated encryption that is in place to stop the illegal distribution of these games.

Because of this extremely complicated encryption layer that most of the best video games come with, you won’t be able to use your basic DVD burning/ripping software to do the job. And, even if you are able to use this software when copying Xbox games, they will most likely be unplayable on any Xbox system. When you try and play this incorrectly copied backup game you will probably encounter a black screen, this is because the Xbox console will think you are trying to play an illegally pirated game. The problem is that basic DVD burning software will not have the ability to copy the Xbox game’s digital recognition license onto your backup disc, and without this license, the Xbox will not be able to play the game.

However, there is hope, there are several programs on the market today that are made specifically for copying Xbox games. These programs are completely legal, and will create a pristine working copy of any video game you choose. These programs are equipped with the ability to break through the layer of encryption that is included on most games, allowing you to make a duplicate copy of any Xbox game you choose. This software will even allow you to copy games from several of the other popular gaming platforms.

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